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Phone Numbers & Pages
Soup Kitchen (860) 871-1823
Overnight Shelter (860) 875-6343
Clothing Bank Etc. (860) 870-0500
Community Center (860) 872-1918 ext 231
Food Cupboard (860) 375-8053

Cornerstone Cares – Food Cupboard Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Food Cupboard Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

It took one and a half years of long hours and hard work under the direction of Glenn Andrews and his team to see the cupboard finished.  The ribbon cutting ceremony was held on September 22, 2016.   Channel 3’s Mark Zinni was there to take pictures and interview people.

For information see our Food Cupboard page. Food Cupboard

Food Cupboard Ribbon Cutting
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Scrooge’s Scramble
Christmas Party
Soup Fest Celebration
Easter Dinner
July in the Sky
National Night Out

Cornerstone Cares – Foodshare Annual Walk-a-thon

Cornerstone Foundation stands behind Foodshares 33rd annual walk-a-thon.
Foodshare is a much needed organization providing food to the agencies that feed the hungry.
Wishing them a successful fundraising event,

Helen Syriac
Executive Director
The Cornerstone Foundation, Inc.

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The Cornerstone Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Rockville, Connecticut, a former textile mill city about 15 miles northeast of Hartford. The Foundation was started in 1982 by Helen Syriac, a local resident and parishioner at Sacred Heart Church in Vernon. She was so moved by the death of a homeless man, Vern Cook, that she decided to create a place for caring and sharing. She went to her Pastor, and asked him if they could use the church library as a shelter. "If one person was seeking shelter, there must be others," she reasoned.  Her Pastor agreed, and the first shelter for the homeless in the Vernon area was opened at Sacred Heart Church. During the first year, 143 people were sheltered, many of whom were single mothers with children.  This original shelter still exists today. Helen felt a strong urge to open a "drop-in" center in Rockville, to provide a Christian environment for those who needed a listening ear. She called a few friends, shared the vision, and prayed. An initial site was identified, and after praying for the start-up money, within a few hours a person called and offered a jar of coins he had saved for several years. It was the exact amount needed! From that humble beginning, The Cornerstone Foundation has become the multi-faceted community resource it is today.

Soup Kitchen Building
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Prophecy received during 1982 prayer session
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Cornerstone Cares – Founder’s Reflections

updated July 6, 2016
Dear Friends of the Cornerstone,

With the closing of shelters in East Hartford 17 beds, Manchester 40 beds, and now Tri-Town Shelter 15 beds a total of 72 beds no longer available creates a major problem.  The homeless, both men and women with children are coming to the Cornerstone looking for shelter.  Many of them are Vernon-Rockville residents.   Unfortunately we cannot help them because we are a 15 bed shelter filled to capacity.

Just this past week we had three homeless people come to us seeking shelter.   One of them a young homeless man carrying all of his belongings in a huge black bag came to the door and said "I’m hungry", "could I have something to eat?"    Of course we fed him but because we are filled to capacity we could not offer him shelter.   When he was finished eating he left carrying with the huge black bag hanging over his shoulder.   Where he was going I can only guess.   The pleading for help and look of desperation on the faces of those seeking help is heart-breaking.   Until we have an empty bed the only thing we can do is to tell the homeless who come seeking shelter that they need to call 211 for a bed knowing full well there is a waiting list of weeks.   It is beyond my comprehension why in America we have such a problem taking care of our own.   So, we will continue to pray for our homeless and hungry neighbor and will do all that we can to help them.

We are grateful for all that you do to help us feed and shelter the homeless.   Because of your consideration our shelter was able to provide 5,500 bed nights, our soup kitchen provided 54 thousand meals including food bags, our Clothing Bank Etc provided over 69,000 items of clothing and in addition provided furniture and other household items.   What is equally as important is collaborating with Kidsafe providing a safe place in the Cornerstone Community Center for the youth of our town to congregate.

Thank you for sharing and caring.   You have made a difference.

Please keep us in your Prayer.

Helen Syriac
Founder & Executive Director
The Cornerstone Foundation, Inc.


Cornerstone Cares – Our Missions

The Cornerstone Soup Kitchen serves over 40,000 meals/year!
The Cornerstone Soup Kitchen serves over 85,000 meals/year!
The Cornerstone Clothing Bank gives away over 69,600 items/year
The Cornerstone Clothing Bank etc. gives away over 69,600 items/year!
The Cornerstone Shelter provides over nearly 5,500 "beds" of lodging/year!
The Cornerstone Shelter provides over nearly 5,500 “beds” of lodging/year!
Youths visit the Cornerstone Community Center over 3,000 times/year!
Youths visit the Cornerstone Community Center over 3,000 times/year!
The Food Cupboard provides food assistance to those needing some extra help who meet the federal guidelines for food assistance.

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Over the years, we have become a trusted grassroots, community-led, not-for-profit provider of social services that make downtown Rockville, Vernon, and surrounding communities better places to live. We have touched thousands of lives, from little tykes to seniors, and we’ve earned a reputation for genuine compassion, responsiveness to needs, logistical diligence and financial integrity.
We invite you to check out the rest of our website and contact us if we may be of service to you, someone you know, or if you would like to somehow assist our efforts.

The Cornerstone Foundation, P.O. Box 2036, Rockville, CT 06066-1436
Phone: 860.871.1823 Fax: 860.896.5057 Email: info@Cornerstone-Rockville.org