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Cornerstone Cares – Clothing Bank Etc.

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Soup Kitchen (860) 871-1823
Overnight Shelter (860) 875-6343
Clothing Bank Etc. (860) 870-0500

Community Center (860) 913-2268
Food Cupboard (860) 375-8053

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Cornerstone Cares – Clothing Bank Etc.

Our Clothing Bank Etc. is open to clients on:

Wednesday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Thursday 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Clothing Bank Etc. Donations

Clothing Bank Etc. donations may be dropped off directly inside while we're closed to clients for restocking, Knock on the door.  Otherwise, use the drop boxes near the entrance for your convenience.
For questions, contact Christine (860) 870-0500 or 860-798-5026 (c)
or email:

Available Hours for Inside Donations:

Monday 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Tuesday 10:30 AM – 3:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Thursday 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Click here to volunteer specifically at the Clothing Bank Etc.

Items in Need

    General Use Requests

  • Large 32 Gallon Trash Bags
  • Large 13 Gallon Kitchen Bags
  • Men’s Jeans
  • Bottled Water
    Seasonal Requests

  • Gently Used Halloween costumes and accessories to be reused by our Clothing Bank clients
  • Any Christmas or Hanukkah items for our Christmas Corner
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Cornerstone Cares – Clothing Bank Etc. Entrance
The Cornerstone Clothing Bank Etc. is a classic example of community support! Our volunteers carefully screen and sort donated clothes, shoes, toys and household items for distribution to individuals and families in need. In 2015 we gave away 69,674 articles of clothing, not including books, small furniture, housewares and toys!

Our Clothing Bank Etc is located at 3 Prospect St. Rockville, CT, (down the driveway around back.)  Large green signs are located at the top of the driveway, directing you down to the entrance of the Clothing Bank Etc and upper and lower parking areas.

The director of the Clothing Bank Etc. is Christine Filanowicz.


(1 Peter 4:8, NIV)
Above all
So often, people try to make others fit into their own mold, conform to their ideas, and be just like them.    We think, “If they would just change, then I wouldn’t get upset.   If they would just do it the way I want, then they wouldn’t get on my nerves.”   But really, we need to give people room to be who God created them to be.   Life is too short to spend it trying to fix everybody.   Sure, we should encourage people and help them grow and come up higher.   But we have to get to the point where we step back and say, “All right, this is who God made them to be, and I’m going to accept them the way they are.   Just because they don’t have my same strengths, I’m not going to let that frustrate me.”   We have to choose love every day because love covers over our differences and offenses.    Love is what allows us to appreciate what others bring into our lives, and it brings us together in unity.

Today, above all, choose love.   Choose to focus on the things that make your relationships stronger because in the end, love is all that remains.

We appreciate donations of:

  • Clean clothing (all sizes, men’s, women’s, girl’s, boy’s, baby’s)
  • Housewares
  • Linens
  • Small furniture
  • Indoor and outdoor tools
  • Small Appliances
  • Small electronics
  • Toys
  • Books

We have three donation drop boxes located near our entrance for your convenience during off hours.

Our Clothing Bank Etc. is open to clients on:

  • Wednesday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • Thursday 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM


Our Clothing Bank Etc. phone number is (860) 870-0500.

Cornerstone Cares – 2017 Backpack and School Supplies Event

The Clothing Bank Etc. Hosted Free Backpack and School Supplies Event

August 12, 2017 and August 17, 2017

The Cornerstone Clothing Bank Etc. has put on their 3rd annual backpack event for children going back to school this fall.   We served 153 students from first grade through high school with backpacks and school supplies.   Everything given out was at no cost to them. The goal was to help promote a good education for our young people by providing them with the supplies they needed to get started.   We also wanted to promote reading, so there were retired school teachers, and a reading tutor to talk about reading and how important it is.

First the students selected their backpack from our variety of colors and styles.   With the supervision of our volunteers, the students filled that backpack with all the school supplies required for their grade.   A list of required supplies from the different schools and grades was provided to us.   A separate collection of items for fun was also available.   After they filled their new backpacks, the younger students proceeded to our reading department, where our volunteer retired teachers helped select books appropriate for their reading level.   Our volunteers devoted individual time with the students, encouraging them on the enjoyment and importance of reading now and for their future.   There were lots of books for the students to choose and take home.  We also raffled off 3 new student desks.

We had a very excited group of young people and their parents thanking us, verbally and with hugs, for all that we provided them to lessen their financial burden.   It is such a pleasure to get such positive feedback from our clients.   It makes all that we do at the Cornerstone Clothing Bank Etc. well worth it!

All the Items were donated to Cornerstone Clothing Bank Etc. through the generosity of our community.   To name a few donor organizations, Trinity Lutheran Church (through Thrivent Financial) helped us with Backpacks, Urban Alliance helped with backpacks filled with supplies and new books.   The book Mobile provided books, Ellington Girl Scouts, our own Clothing Bank volunteers provided school supplies, individuals that did not leave their names, and the list goes on.   I can’t thank everyone enough for all their help.   It is such a thrill to us how our community cares so much about our young people that they came together again to help us make yet another one of our events successful.

We had a successful Prom event in April at which we enabled young ladies to attend an experience of a lifetime, their Prom.   We provided at no cost, their gown, shoes, and accessories. We also had 1 gentleman who left with a tux and shoes.   He also won one of the gift cards for a corsage to present to his date through our raffle.

We have already started setting up The Christmas Corner for the 2nd year.   It will be a beautiful room of enchantment and holiday cheer.   We are now accepting donations of anything Christmas or Hanukkah.   We are also requesting gently used Halloween costumes and accessories to be reused by our clients in our Clothing Bank.   Any help we can get will be very much appreciated.   Again everything we give out, is at no cost to our Clothing Bank Etc. clients.   We are here to help where we can.

The Clothing Bank Etc. has a wonderful group of volunteers.  Without them, the extra events we hold for our clients would not be possible.

Thank you,
Christine Filanowicz (Clothing Bank Etc. Director)

Cornerstone Cares – PROM DRESS EVENT

The Clothing Bank Etc. Hosted Free Prom Dress Event

April 1, 2017 and April 8, 2017

The Clothing Bank Etc. successfully hosted their third annual prom event on April 1 and April 8, 2017.  High school girls came to the "Prom Boutique" from various towns in CT to select a prom gown, shoes, purse, jewelry and new makeup at no cost.  The purpose of this event was to help alleviate some of the expenses involved in going to their high school prom.   Hopefully, we helped to make memories that will be cherished by those attending a special event in their lives.   A young man came in and was fortunate to find a tux in his size.  He was also lucky to receive a voucher donated by Wild Flowers of Tolland to have a corsage made up for his date.  Heather Matthieu, owner and floral designer, donated five corsage vouchers that were won by raffle.  The winners of the raffle can call Wild Flowers of Tolland to order their corsages, color coordinated with the girl’s gowns.

The young women had a great time trying on various gowns and shoes enabling them to decide which dress to wear to the prom.  Unexpectedly God sent us a volunteer seamstress, Sharon Kloter, who spent both days fitting and altering the chosen gowns.   She wanted to donate her time and skills to make any alterations necessary to the girl’s gowns.   She also hemmed the young man’s trousers.   Sharon was a wonderful godsend!
Mary Kay beauty consultants, Megan Ross and Amy Jones, donated their time and talents to teach the girls how to put on their makeup.  They helped the girls choose colors to suit their skin tone and demonstrated how to apply makeup.   Additionally, all sorts of makeup were made available at no charge.

Our refreshment table was well stocked for all to enjoy while in our waiting area or following their shopping spree.

Clothing Bank Etc. has a wonderful group of volunteers.  With generous spirit, passion, creative talents and ambition, it allows us to extend ourselves to do more to help our community.  We will be holding a free back pack and school supplies give away in August and will be setting up the Christmas Corner again in December where everything is available at no cost.

I want to thank the people and organizations from all over who donated to our Prom event and to also commend those who helped get the word out to the high school girls with the necessary information.  Everyone was as excited as we were to help the girls realize their prom dream.  Seeing the excitement in the young ladies' faces and knowing that they had a good time made this event special to us.   Their enthusiasm and kind words showed us just how much they appreciated it.   We look forward to hosting the prom event again in the spring of 2018.  

However, if there is still a need for a prom ensemble this year, you may call 860-798-5026 for an appointment.  Without the kind donations and the wonderful support from the various communities, none of these events would be possible.

A big thank you to everyone!

Christine Filanowicz
Clothing Bank Etc. Director

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Cornerstone Cares – Carpet Donated to Christmas Corner
Carpet Donated to Christmas Corner
by Schneider of Flooring America
We, the volunteers of the Cornerstone Clothing Bank Etc., send our thanks to Wayne Schneider of Flooring American for his generous donation.  Mr Schneider granted our request and provided carpeting and its installation free of charge for two areas of the corner building at the top of our driveway.  The renovation made it possible to open The Christmas Corner, a "Free to the community" store that would rival any other in the area for the holiday season.  The room will also be used for our second Prom event in the spring when gowns and accessories will be offered to the teens of the community and surrounding towns.  We open these events to the community free of charge.  Again our gratitude goes to Wayne and Maxine Schneider for their kindness and genorisity!

Thank you,
Christine Filanowicz
Clothing Bank Etc. Director

Cornerstone Cares – Girl Scout Clothing Drive

Girl Scout Clothing Drive

Bella Lyman, an 8th grader working on her silver for Girl Scouts did a coat drive for Cornerstone Clothing Bank Etc. for her project.   She had flyers put out around town and through word of mouth she got the word out that she was collecting very needed winter coats for the Clothing Bank Etc. in Vernon. She collected over 150 coats.   She and her grandmother spent the afternoon on a chilly rainy day, Nov. 25th at St Bernard’s Church parking lot collecting these coats for our worthy cause.

Bella sent me an email saying, "I did the coat drive for my silver award and I wanted to do this for the corner stone clothing store and I hope that all the people who got their coats are happy and warm".

We appreciate the time and effort Bella and her grandmother made on behalf of the Clothing Bank Etc.

Thank you,
Christine Filanowicz
Clothing Bank Etc. Director

Cornerstone Cares – FedEx – Hartford Hearts

Hartford Hearts

Cornerstone Foundation had a pleasant surprise again this year from FedEx Ground in Willington, CT.  They brought us a huge amount of purple FedEx totes full of clothing for the Clothing Bank Etc. and Food for the Food Cupboard.   Oh, we don’t want to forget the family pet, they brought us dog food a well.    This was their 2nd year donating to us.  
I think it is wonderful how the employees stepped up and worked together to do something nice for the people in our community that are less fortunate.   These are people who look to make a difference.

Thank you,
Christine Filanowicz, Clothing Bank Etc. Director
The Cornerstone Foundation

Cornerstone Clothing Bank Etc “Rules”

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Cornerstone Cares – Men's Club Gardening Project
We are so excited to have help from the Men's Club of Cornerstone Church from East Longmeadow, Ma.
On Saturday, May 21st, members of the men's club helped us with an outdoor garden project.  Together they worked hard and fast on this project that was started by a couple of our shelter and community service clients.  

The men trimmed trees, planted flowers, laid down mulch, fertilized, watered the new plants and more.  They cleaned up after their hard work and hauled away the brush.  The area that was once overgrown looks so much neater now.  Once the flowers mature it will look so pretty and uplifting to visitors passing by.  I am hoping to keep it going with the help of shelter and community service clients.  Our Cornerstone clients and visitors will enjoy seeing this improved area.

I have never seen a more pleasant and giving group of men.  
I would like to thank each and every member of the men's group that helped to make this outdoor project an area of beauty and of hope.

Thank you,
Christine Filanowicz
Clothing Bank Etc. Director

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Cornerstone Cares – Easter Basket Surprise

Easter Basket Surprise
The Cornerstone Foundation Clothing Bank Etc. put together 8 Easter baskets as prizes for our clients to win in an expected no charge raffle.   We thought it would be a nice holiday surprise for our clients to participate in a free raffle when they came to shop at our free Clothing bank Etc.

Our very own volunteer Jenn Kirchmeier took charge of this project with the help of other volunteers.  She did a fabulous job preparing separate baskets for boys and girls.

The winning clients excitedly thanked us when we notified them of their prizes over the phone.

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